The ultimate guide: how to choose your morning outfit

No matter how many times I choose an outfit during the evening before (almost never!) I always end up changing my mind about a dozen times in the morning. In the chaotic world of getting dressed in the morning, this guide will help you make some sense in your wardrobe, simplify your morning routine and maybe (maybe!) give you five more minutes to drink your morning coffee.
By following a few short steps, you will reduce your decision making process to a minimum:

Step number 1: How do you feel today?

What’s your mood today? Do you feel happy, motivated, is the sun shining? Or maybe you woke up tired, unmotivated and you just had a shitty week? Do you want to go classical or maybe more sporty? Are you feeling conservative or do you want to try something crazy today?

I’m asking because this should be the underlying base for your outfit. Seems simple, right?

Once you have the answer you have your creative direction for your outfit. This will guide you through the entire process, just like an advertising brand manager would need to stick to a certain narrative when writing a concept for an ad.

Let’s say I had a bad week, it’s Friday and you want to feel sexy but trendy.

Step number 2: pants or no pants?

So you have a basic underlying creative direction. Now the real work:

Start with a primary decision: pants or no pants? 

If the answer is yes to pants, this leads us to the follow up question: casual pants or smart pants? Or more simply put: Jeans or no Jeans?

If you go with Jeans, then you match either a smart shirt or a T-shirt and something funky on top to keep it interesting and not too dull.

Alternatively once you choose no Jeans, you have the same decision making to do, again following your initial creative direction. You match a blouse with smart pants, or go with the contrast and put a T shirt, smart black pants and baseball cap. Nice!

Once those are answered, add a sweater or a jacket, followed by your initial decision of going casual, smart, classical or any creative direction you chose.

Let’s rewind a little bit to the initial question: pants or no pants? we said its Friday and I feel trendy but sexy, which will naturally lead me to ’no pants‘.

Leading us to the inevitable question; skirt or dress?

If it’s a dress, and you want it to be sexy but trendy black/red is always a safe option.  On the dress you can add a desired Jacket but it’s not a must.

If the answer is a skirt, then you go again with the T-shirt or blouse decision. On top of those you can add a cool sweater and or a Jacket.

Step number 3: Accessories, shoes, hats and coats.

Final but not least less important, these are items that will make your outfit:


If its cold outside and you are planning on spending the day out in errands (or in a flee market somewhere) put an emphasis on the coat. This is what people are going to see you in most of the day. If your outfit is boring on the inside, then the coat can compensate on it with adding some color or a shiny twist.


Shoes balance out your outfit, if you are too fancy on your body you can even it out with sneakers. If you are plain up top twist it up with funky shoes or high heels. Makes sure you don’t over do it! Don’t look like you are trying too much.


A good hat can go a long way, just like your shoes. A hat is as much of an accessory like others, it puts the spotlight on you, gives you a distinctive feature, it’s the first thing people will see. Same rule applies with balancing out the outfit. Example; a baseball cap with a suit.


Choose one or two items, not more. No need to over do it. A chunky big necklace can make your outfit.

Step number 4: Go backwards.

Many times I take the entire guideline backwards.  Choose the shoes, coat and hat as your inspiration and work back from there to them your actual outfit.

Step number 5: Find inspiration!

If you are standing in front of your closet and really don’t know where to start, go to get some inspiration.

Go to Pinterest, Instagram, Vouge (for the bold ones), and type in street style in your home town. Or you can go to my instagram page and get inspired!

Happy dressing!