How to look both professional and feminine: Linen

I guess  I will never get used to wearing the dark colors of Berlin (Berliners wear mostly black throughout most months of the year).

Linen always gives a royal look to every outfit, and although it’s more of a summer clothing nobody says we can’t break the rules sometimes, right?

Both vest and pants are vintage and are made of linen. The pants are from Next and Vest it from Kenzo, I got both of them from my mom so there is a slim chance you will find the these on their online stores.

The Shoes are from &OtherStories.

And the bag which I love is from Old Angler Firenze


Doesn’t it seem like cobble stones make everything look better?

Berlin looks extremely romantic and peaceful (we were shooting on a Sunday).


My friend thought it would be funny to include another model in the photo: