Fashion Photo Recognition – a myth or reality?

The fashion industry is about to go through a revolution, a technology revolution. We are not there yet, but the early signs are already here.

Photo recognition capability is just one of the ways technology is disrupting the way we interact with fashion and commerce. Similar to facial photo recognition, fashion photo recognition allows consumers to take photos of items they like and to find items that are similar or identical to what they were searching for.

These services are already available for both consumers and business,  offered by various companies, such as Zalando, Style Eyes, Slyce and more.

So I decided to try it out myself and conduct a small experiment, see how well it really works. I tried a few services and apps, but  ASAP54, a fashion photo recognition company, surprised me with it’s capabilities.

The concept itself is simple:

  • You find an item that you like, either on the web or in real life.
  • You take a picture of the item, and upload it to the service.
  • The app/website comes up with similar items, and redirects you to online stores where you can purchase the item.

How does it work?

„A fingerprinting system, where a digital code is created for each item using visually distinctive characteristics such as color, shape and pattern is then used to categorize each one for search and comparison across a database of products“. The Guardian about Style Eyes,  „Fashion retailers eye up image-recognition apps for smartphones.“ 

The Experiment

Here you can see the findings of my experiment with ASAP54 (on web and later on the mobile app):

Step no.1 – upload the picture.

ASAP54 photo recognition


Step n0.2 – choose a category.

ASAP54 photo recognition


Step no.3 – watch the magic happen.

ASAP54 photo recognition

Here is the mobile app experiment;

From ASAP54 iOS app


Upload or take a photo:


The app gives you best matches for your search:


Once you found a few suitable matches you can play around with the filters; prices, brands, colors, shapes etc.

This is only the beginning with all that is related to technology disrupting the fashion industry. I am excited to see what will come next, aren’t you?