Experience Fashion everywhere you go – Fashion City tours

The digital era transformed our lives in almost every-way: the we commute and navigate, the way we consume goods and services, the way we communicate with each other, and the way we travel and experience new things.


One example for how sharing communities have transformed our lives is the home leasing platform Airbnb. Beyond enabling people to lease or rent short-term homes all around the world,  Airbnb launched last year a  new feature; Experiences. An „Experience“ can be any kind of local activity, varying from walking tours, nature hikes, bike tours, wine and food tasting, lessons to learn a skill etc. The new feature is all about making the travel experience that much more unique, by connecting the locals of a certain place, with the visitors who want to have a „true“ taste of the local life style.


They have an „experience“ for everybody, if its sports, nature, arts, entertainment and even fashion.


The fashion tours on Airbnb are a new special way to learn about the local fashion industry. The experiences can be to walk around the local vintage stores of Paris to find unique pieces, take a photography class with a fashion photographer, discover fashion designers and visit them in their studios, or a session with a personal stylist who will create an outfit for you based on local trends! Here are some examples:


Style consultation and a vintage store tour by a local fashion designer:



Discover the French fashion history, accessories and local ateliers:



But why focus just on Paris? Fashion experiences are offered in big cities around the world; Sydney, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Milan and more. Each city has its own flare, and gives a different angle to local fashion.


Try Tokyo for a personal shopping tour:



My personal favorite is a fashion tech workshop:

During the workshop you will prototype your own brand! Although pricey, 109 EUR per person, the workshop takes 6 hours,  walking your thorough conceptualizing your brand: begin with target demographic, trends, branding, merchandising, and logo ideas ending up with sampling and production estimates. The workshop is hosted by a CEO of a fashion tech company.



Not just about styling:

Last but not least, you can tag a long with a digital marketer of Marie Claire Magazine in Milan to learn how a digital fashion magazine works: content creation, digital strategy, interviews and backstage of fashion stories.


This creates so much added value to each city trip you take, and moves away from the typical boring and uninspiring regular sightseeing we so easily settle for.

Experiences are not something you should only do while travelling, it’s also something fun to do in your own city!

So take your fashion enthusiastic friends, I know you have some, and go on a little fashion adventure. I would use it as a present for my Fashionista friends, or just something fun to do with my girls!

Last thought, should I open up my own fashion experience in Berlin? what do you think?