How I got to like curated shopping (yes, I said it!)

For fashion people  its considered Faux Pas to use any kind of curated shopping services, it’s for the ‚regular‘ people, who have no idea how to dress them selves.

Well, how about we all get off the tree for a second.

Zalon is a curated shopping service from the house of Zalando. The service enables people to have personal style consultation (over the phone) and have a curated box of clothing items made up personally for them. AND IT’S ALL FOR FREE!

The box gets shipped to your doorstep, free of charge, and you only pay for the items you want to keep. If you don’t like anything, you ship it all back, no extra fees. Personal style advise for free!




How does it work exactly?

  • You enter the Zalon website and insert your measurements, your budget, and different kinds of style preferences.
  • You arrange a phone call with your previously chosen stylist.
  • Once on the call, the stylist asks you different questions; what are you lacking in your wardrobe, what is your general style etc.
  • They stylist picks out a few outfits for you according to all of the data you inserted, and assorts your Zalon box.
  • Box gets shipped to your doorstep.
  • You keep what you like, and pay later via bank transfer.


Upsides? you don’t have to go through endless hours of scrolling on Zalando to find that perfect striped shirt, Zalon Stylist does it all for you.


Zalon is offering style advise, but it also offers to make the entire shopping experience much easier and simpler. No going to the store and trying to find the right fit, no dragging your best friend to give you fashion advise, no tedious search online for an item you end up not liking and having to send back (damn, here is another hour gone on scrolling).


I personally also love the element of surprise, its almost like receiving a present, you never know what will be inside.


In fact, another fun way to use it is as a present for somebody.


When my sister was visiting me in Berlin, I wanted to get her a birthday present, and naturally she is always asking for new clothes from Berlin. Instead of running to different shops and trying to figure what she might like, a process that can take hours, I ordered her a Zalon box.


I made a new account, entered my sister’s sizes, preferences and body type. Zalon also creates a personal dashboard where you can upload pictures of outfits you like, and pictures of yourself to portray your body figure, amazing! I uploaded pictures of my sisters, and pictures of outfits I thought would fit her.


When she arrived to Berlin, the box was waiting for her as a present! She kept 70% of the box items, and she was super excited about the mystery box.


I have used it a few times on myself, yes, most of the times I don’t keep that much. But for anybody who is not a high profile, super picky fashionista I recommend to try it out.