What do you get when you combine fashion and a mini bar?

You know that feeling when you go on a vacation or on a business trip and you forgot to pack something important? Pimki fashion mini bar is a curated fashion service integrated in boutique hotel rooms to solve that problem exactly.

The Concept is simple:

  • You walk into your hotel room.
  • In your closet you find you find 2-3 selected outfits.
  • The outfits are selected to match the weather, trends and events suitable for that specific location.
  • If you like the outfits, you wear them, and pay at the check out.
Pimki Mini bar menu

I find this concept interesting not only because of its functionality, but also because when travelling to a new place, I always want to look like a local. A fashionable local, but still a local.

However it is very hard to nail that special flare and style of the local street. Those specific nuances, materials, colors and fabrics that define the trends of each location.

Each time I wreck my brains with choosing the right outfit in my own neighborhood, so to do that in a place I have never been to be before? bitch, please!



The concept will only grow with time and scale into affordable local clothes sold everywhere in the world. I can already imagine ‚ready to use‘ travel outfit packages in most big cities. You plan a trip to Paris, and all you need to pack is underwear, the rest you can buy in an affordable ‚weekend box‘ with assorted outfits in different sizes.
Everywhere we go we will have catered local fashion mini bars or fashion boxes in affordable prices.  There are plenty of cheap clothes manufacturers who are able to provide a changing set of inventory for products just like these. Wish app is only one example of an affordable fashion provider.

Heck, maybe I will create a ‚ready to use‘ fashion box catered especially for Berlin. You think it will be good business?