Intro Post! The what and who

When I first told my boyfriend I wanted to open a fashion blog, he looked puzzled and reacted with:

“I don’t get what all the fuss is about, I wear clothes to keep me warm and hide my dong!”.

Despite his reservations, I wanted to connect between two different worlds which are both very dear to me; Fashion and Technology.

I work for a Berlin startup and one of my roles  is to discover innovative companies and apps who change the way we consumed goods, services and content.

So why not do the same for all technology related to Fashion?

Combining these two, Tech and Fashion, in this blog I will talk about fashion apps, fashion services, curated online shopping, new market places, fashion influencers, augmented reality with relation to fashion and much more.

In one sentence, about innovative ways technology helps us to consume fashion.

Ok, like what for example?

Like my first encounter with Emma, the bot.

Check out my 2nd post to find out more: who the hell is Emma?